Me horns


does anyone else find it funny that in college during freshman year randy tatooed the outline of the mifits on his hip? and then he passed out before he coudl finish it.

thats what i get for watching killadelphia today....
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Emoo is sooo over

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hello i am a new member of this community dedicated to one of my favorite metal bands, lamb of god. i just wanted to say one thing:
if you are a huge fan of lamb of god, then buy this dvd. then again, if you weren't, why would you br reading this?


Well im much newer to to LJ than I am to LoG, Been into them sinse I got NAG I guess. Only seen em once with Throwdown and AILD but will have the pleasure again at Donnington in a few days, woo :D Im into loads of metal/hardcore/rock bands aswell and if anyone wants to talk or just explain to me how this place works thatd be cool. :D
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I luv Lamb of God Ive seen them like 8 times I think that they are one of the best bands ever.

Im new so if anybody wants to be friends Ill be more than willing to add you guys.